Remote Experimentation Model Based on Digital TV


My paper presented by me on 3rd Experiment@International Conference (’15) at University of Azores in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal. Published by IEEE Xplore.

Remote Experimentation Model Based on Digital TV

Ranieri Alves dos Santos
Eliane Pozzebon
Luciana Bolan Frigo
Roderval Marcelino


This paper proposes the use of interactive digital TV as interface to access laboratories of remote experiments, since remote laboratories can supply necessities of experiments use in many knowledge areas and digital TV enables interactive applications. The main propose written in this paper was based on the functions of interactive digital TV systems as well as on the remote experiments’ peculiarities, based on the multiple intelligences theory and in patterns of interactivity of digital TV system. The resulting model of this paper guides implantation of interactive TV’s applications to access remote experiments and aims offering multiple alternatives of individual learning covering three of Gardner’s multiple intelligences in an interactive environment of remote experimentation based only in the use of remote control, integrating broadcast industry to education environment.

Keywords: Digital TV; Remote Experimentation; Interactivity;